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28 Days Later


28 Days Later

Anne Libby

My next iteration of this project starts October 1 -- click here to visit my website for more info.


Did last year's performance reviews get buried in a folder, where they await the dawn of the next review cycle -- when they'll rise again?

The best reviews are living documents.  They set a year-round agenda for your collaboration with team members.  Using reviews to set your agenda is one those simple but not easy management competencies.  Attention and preparation are key.

In August, I'm piloting a review-themed cohort, where you can prep with me and a peer group.  If you're responsible for evaluating people's performance at work, and you want to improve your own performance, this is for you.

Starting August 1, I'll send you a series of brief emails that walk you, stepwise, through a series of key actions.  You can use Slack to ask questions and get support.  I'll hold at least 2 live online AMAs, where we'll workshop common challenges.  And you'll get access to my templates for tracking action items, which you can download, modify, and make your own.

28 days later, you'll be on your way to a better review season.  For your team members, and for you. 

The program will run from August 1 through August 28; it's largely asynchronous; if you'll be out on vacation, you can catch up.  You'll have access to the Slack through October. 

Terms are pay what you wish, and you'll be charged once, for one month's membership.   Yes, pay what you wish means that you can pay $0, though I expect some employers to consider this to be a reimbursable professional development expense.

If you have any questions, please send me a note to let me know!

This membership will automatically end after one month.

Also included, brief PDF guides I've written for emerging managers (no extra charge)

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